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Made in the USA

RPM Performance Products Inc.

DL 10
Data Logger

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Channels: 2 RPM, 4 Analog, 1 Acceleration, 3 Digital (and Internal Battery Volts)

Sample Rates: Each channel individually programmable for 0-500 samples per second.

RPM Channels (2)

Engine RPM - Reads engine RPM from ignition tach signal or external sensor.

0-12,000 RPM range.

Drive Shaft RPM - Magnetic or Hall Effect sensor.

0-12,000 RPM range.

Analog Channels (4)

Programmable sample rates and filtering allow each channel to be tailored to the sensor type.

Sensors available for oil, water, temp, EGT, pressure, position, vacuum, linear travel and acceleration.

Digital Channels (3)

On/off indications for any function that can be seen as a voltage change or switch closure, such as WOT, nitrous stages, etc.

Sample rates up to 500 per second allow for verification of timer, transbrake/throttle stop timing to within .002 seconds.