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1 x Lower Control Arms, Double Adjustable Offset, w/o Spring Pads for Mustang
1 x Upper Control Arms for Mustang, Double Adjustable
Total: $582.94
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Product Name:  QA1 R-Series 90-10 Adjustable
Part #: QA1-RC3014
Price: $149.99
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  Description: "R" Series 90-10 Drag Racing Shock, Adjustable Shock

The only machined aluminum, externally adjustable, stock mount shock
available on the market today, This performance-minded shock is dominating
classes where stock style suspensions are required.

Part # Compressed Height Extended Height Upper Mount Lower Mount Application
RC3014P 10.22 15.31 Stud T-Bar Front

90-10 Valving for all front drag racing applications

On-The-Car Valving Adjustment:

  • Fixed compression with a wide range of rebound adjustment

5/8" Centerless Ground, Hard Chrome Piston Rod:

  • Precision surface, increased durability, eliminates piston rod flex.

Forged, Machined Aluminum One-Piece Body:

  • Lightweight, stronger than billet.

Bright Anodized Body:

  • Unmatched durability, show winning appearance.

Three Step Sealing System:

  • Aerospace material. Exclusively engineered double lip seal with wiper
    eliminates seal drag and dirt intrusion.

100% Dyno Tested and Serialized:

  • Assures consistency in production and performance.

Shock Mounting Hardware:

  • Bushing material exclusive to QA1 shocks for lower mounts. Mounting
    hardware: chrome plated for durability and professional appearance.
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