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Made in the USA


Install / Tech Photo's
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Mustang Fox Mini Tub

Kits that will be available: Pricing Information (Click here)
Mini Tub Kit
Spring Mount Kit (w/ Spring)
Shock Cross-member Mount Kit w/adjustable lower mount (will also work for coil-overs) (w/ Shocks, Non-coil-over or coil-over)

Mini Tub
Painted w/ plastic install & 315/60/15 MT Drag Radials
(mounted on 12" rims measures 14 1/4" section width)
We have about 1/2" clearance between the tire and the inside of the tub, on the outside we have about 1" from the tire sidewall to the outer lip of the fender.
Also we have about 16" from the outer lip of the fender to the inner tub.
Mini Tub
Bare tubs and frame shots
Spring Mount
Small Diameter Spring W/Adjustable Upper Mount moved under frame rail
Photo's with spring
Photo's of Shock Cross-member mount & Lower Adjustable Shock Mount
With standard style shock and spring in Semi-Stock location  
With Coil-Over Shocks