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Made in the USA

Proma Star Coil Over Shock - Adjustable


Specifically designed with performance in mind, from Super Classes and Brackets to Shootout Street Car Classes. The Proma Star has a proven track record of delivering unequalled; consistency in valving accuracy and repeatability; reaction to changing track conditions and changes in valving; and, performance both on and off the track.



Click Part # Below for information
Part # Mounting Extended Height Recommended Ride Height Compressed Height Spring
DR3855B or P Bearing or Poly 11 1/8" 9 1/2" - 10" 8 5/8" 7" Front
DR3955B or P Bearing or Poly 12 5/8" 10 3/4"-11 1/4" 9 1/2" 7"/9" Front
DR4855B or P Bearing or Poly 14" 11 1/2"-12" 10 1/8" 9"/10" Front/Rear
DR5855B or P Bearing or Poly 17" 13 1/4"-14" 11 5/8" 12" Rear
DR7855B or P Bearing or Poly 18 3/4" 15"-15 3/4" 12 1/2" 14" Rear
DR8855B or P Bearing or Poly 19 1/2" 15 3/4"-16 1/2" 13 14" Rear
DR9855B or P Bearing or Poly 23 3/4" 18 1/4"-19" 15" 14" Rear

Deflective Disc Valving - Advanced Shock Technology:

  • Increased Sensitivity in valving response, control and consistency.

12 Position Valving Adjuster:

  • Unique to QA1, one knob changes both compression and rebound valving simultaneously, allowing total suspension control in on easy-to-reach location.

Precision Machined Piston with P.T.F.E Piston Rod:

  • Creates accurate piston to cylinder wall seal. improves valving consistency and increases durability.

5/8" Centerless Ground, Hard Chrome Piston Rod:

  • Precision surface, increased durability, eliminates piston rod flex.

Forged, Machined Aluminum One-Piece Body:

  • Lightweight, stronger than billet.

Bright Anodized Body:

  • Unmatched durability, show winning appearance.

Three Step Sealing System:

  • Aerospace material. Exclusively engineered double lip seal with wiper
    eliminates seal drag and dirt intrusion.

100% Dyno Tested and Serialized:

  • Assures consistency in production and performance.

Spring Mounting Hardware Included:

  • Aluminum spring cap, spring seat and locking ring included with all coil-overs.

Shock Mounting Hardware:

  • Exclusive QA1-designed replaceable Teflon lined, precision stainless steel bearings. Ensures trouble-free, smooth operation. Also available with polyurethane bushings.

Does not include Springs (Springs purchased separately)

Pricing: Each